The world’s first and only belt-friendly, ultra-hard coating for sheaves and pulleys that dramatically increases V-belt grip.

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What is Vulcan Grip?

What is Vulcan Grip?

Vulcan Grip® is the world’s only belt-friendly, ultra-hard, factory-applied coating for sheaves and pulleys that dramatically increases V-belt grip. Extreme Industrial Coatings can apply the patented (U.S. Pat. No. 9,382,995) Vulcan Grip coating to new or used pulleys.

To the eye, Vulcan Grip has a perceptible texture. At the microscopic level however, Vulcan Grip’s texture is similar to an asphalt road surface. V-belts, which are made of vulcanized rubber, just like car tires, love to run on Vulcan Grip.

Vulcan Grip affords operators of belt-driven equipment many advantages:

For engineers and designers of OEM belt-driven equipment that must operate in dusty environments, Vulcan Grip permits fewer sheave grooves and less service factor (strand tension). Vulcan Grip’s high coefficient of friction also reduces V-belt slippage due to torque disturbances (on either the driver or driven sheaves), further reducing strand tension. Narrower sheaves in combination with less belt strand tension means less overhung load on bearings and a cascading series of cost-reduction benefits. Furthermore, because the road-like Vulcan Grip texture won’t wear away—even in the most abrasive soils—the field performance of your machines stay consistently high year after year so you enjoy greater customer brand loyalty.

Vulcan Grip has a naked-eye texture. To the touch, this texture is barely perceptible.

Under a scanning electron microscope, the patented Vulcan Grip texture is not unlike an asphalt road.