Phil Kuiken has been custom harvesting in central Washington State for nearly 40 years. When he had Vulcan Grip applied to his Claas 980 pulleys, he saw a boost in productivity, his belts ran cooler, and he was able to push his machines harder.

“Vulcan Grip saved my bacon, Jon!”

Bill Snyder, Farm Manager
Threemile Canyon Farms LLC

Bill is an Oregon potato farm manager with 22 Double L diggers and 6 Air Cup planters. He upgraded six of his diggers and all his planters with Vulcan Grip in 2016. Vulcan Grip’s high traction allowed him to change pulley diameters on his diggers, resulting in a 30% increase in fan power—with no slippage.

One day during the 2016 harvest, one of Bill’s operators was struggling to meet their commercial specifications because tenacious mud was sticking to the potatoes. When Bill found out they were using a digger that had not received the Vulcan Grip treatment, he swapped to a Vulcan Gripped machine, and they were then able to produce all the air power necessary to properly clean the potatoes.

“Many companies in Ag oversell and under-deliver. Vulcan Grip completely lived up to expectations. In fact, it actually exceeded expectations; that doesn’t happen very often nowadays.”

Tom Weitzenkamp, Owner
Thomas Cattle Company

“My Claas 930 harvester was brand new. Yet, right from the get-go, the header belt just didn’t last. We could get 100 acres on a belt…may 300 if we babied the machine. After Vulcan Grip, not only did our belts stop smoking, but we could also increase ground speed 15 to 20 percent, which is a big difference. Now we get at least 1200 acres on our belts.”

Tom’s neighbor was running the identical Claas model and was experiencing the same problem as Tom, having gone through five header belts in only 900
acres. After Tom finished his field—all on the same belt—he removed his Vulcan Gripped pulleys and loaned them to his neighbor, who finished his season on the loaners. His neighbor was as impressed with Vulcan Grip as Tom.

“Vulcan Grip is fantastic!”

Jim Nollmeyer, Owner
Nollmeyer Farms

“I use my [Case-IH Concord 2400] commodity cart for all six of my crops: wheat, canola, sunflower, barley, mustard, and flax. The cart has a belt-driven paddle fan that was smoking belts and collapsing drive train mounts. I used to have to re-tension the paddle-fan’s banded belt every three to four days and had to replace the belt every season. Now I have three seasons—some 15,000 acres—on the same belt. And now I tension only once a year in the off-season.”