Applications requiring shock and over-load protection

A V-belt’s self-protective clutching action is important when certain types of equipment are exposed to shock- and over-loads. These are generally systems that do not have a clutch, torque fuse, or fuse pin in the drive train and are subject to hard jamming in the downstream process. Examples include rock crushers, tillers, and various forage harvester processors.

For typical V-belts, Vulcan Grip® increases the coefficient of friction—known as µ (“mew”) by as much as 67%. In shock-sensitive applications, Extreme Industrial Coatings can “dial back” the friction to that of a stock pulley. You will still benefit from Vulcan Grip’s ultra-hardness as well as its corrosion resistance; your Vulcan Grip-coated pulleys will be the last ones you buy for your machine.

Vulcan Grip’s ability to keep a pulley’s V-profile in factory-new condition means you will enjoy factory-new performance for years and years. Belts last far longer too when they run in true V-profile.

If shock loads are a concern, contact us to discuss your application.